Say Ahhh...

Hola! . . .and stuff :D

Still Alive in Reno. I'm not sure if its that I really super miss the bay area that much. . . . or if I just really don't care for (to put it nicely) Nevada that much. The longer I live here . . . the more I feel that Nevada kinda really sucks. I have met some  fabulous people. . . don't get me wrong. . . it's more the politics/policies/laws and how they run this state that I am having issues with. I can't really explain it at the moment. . .  . but lets just say that the law enforcement peeps here are *really* into what they do. Lame.  Vague, I realize, but I'm on my way to bed right now. I is a sleepy girl. . . .SoooOOooo. . . .  Miss you all & Sweet dreams :)   ****hugs and loves**** 
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Say Ahhh...

YAY! My Birthday!!!!

Boooooo for having to be at work!

At least it was a quiet night & I pretty much got to fuck around all day! w00t for that! :D

Anyway.... woohoo, and stuff for being a whopping 31 years old!!!

*holy shit.... It's really hard to  believe I'm actually thirty-one!*

Where the hell does the time go?!

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Say Ahhh...


I'm still hangin in there.... Reno still kinda sucks. I still miss Cali. :( But I have actually made some new friends. .. which makes things better.

They don't really have much variety in the way of clubs..... they all seem to play hiphop... which I don't mind.... but I miss the industrial shit..... kind of a lot, actually. Though, I did go to a club called Nikki Beach (at the Grand Sierra...) where Biz Markee w as a guest DJ. It was frikkin awesome cuz he started to beat box.... So... that was cool. 

Other than that..... I'm just working. The family who own the El Dorado... also owns the Silver Legacy (which is just across the street) and we've been merging some departments... (mine included) So... now.. I've been working IT for both properties.... but not making any more money. That part kinda sucks. Since back home... I'd probably be making at least 1.5 - 2times more than I do. But... ah well... at least I'm working & gettin paid.... & pretty much enjoy what I do. 

Speaking of work..... I gotta go get ready.... Ciao for now :)
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Say Ahhh...


YAY! Week 3 @ work is now complete! Off for the weekend & back at work monday at 8am.... (still no permanently set schedule...) 

Gonna go to the bar & hang out with some folks, I think.

w00t! (and stuff)
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Say Ahhh...

Work, work, work

I tend to forget how much I really enjoy working with computers. I'm mostly a helpdesk-y type... with some operations thrown in.

Today & tomorrow I work swing shift. Yesterday & Monday, I worked 7am-3pm....... Friday.... probably going to be swing shift.
Though the most tiring thing about this is not being able to set a regular schedule.

I still miss San Jose..... but at least the people I work with are super-fab. I do get a room discount... though, still not sure how much % off we get. Just for working here, I get 20$ a month on my comp card that rolls over month-to-month.... so in  6 months, I could potentially have $120 free money... just for working here.

I do need new shoes, though. ... which is good... and bad. Bad because I need a new pair of Docs... and I super duper don't wanna break in new ones.  Good, though, cuz that means i get to go shoe shopping!!! I'm thinkin a new pair of Sketchers. Not sure what style yet, though.

And.... in about 2 weeks.... a cell phone!! w00t!!!!!

That's it for now.... an hour left here @ work.... & I now have back ups to run & a couple card printers to work on.  *contented sigh* I love being busy. time goes by much faster.
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Say Ahhh...

All I have to say is. . . .

Donner blows

Driving home was fine...fine...fine... then... as I get to Donner... all of a sudden...  the damned road is frozen... as a result of some unforeseen snow that decided to wreak a bit of havoc. According to one of the girls at work, they closed Donner Pass because of the icy road at around 1:40 this morning. I got to Donner at ~12:15 - 12:30-ish... just about an hour before they closed it. NICE.

*Did I freak out because I drifted a bit? YOU BETCHA
*Did I manuveur my way over to the shoulder where I stopped to plan my next move? ABSOLUTELY
*Did my next move include moving from my stopped spot on the shoulder? FUCK NO (I was fully prepared      wait right there as long as it took.. but my ass was NOT going to attempt to work the ice.)
*Was I aware of how absurd that thought was? YOU BETCHA... and did I care? NOT A DAMNED BIT
*Was I saved by a tiny little tip given to me by a hottie Highway Patrol Man? YES! SCORE! (didn't get his # though.. :( )

He told me to drop down to 1st gear... accel just enough to get off the shoulder.. don't brake, don't gas too much (avoiding tire spins)... and as he said "let the ice take you through it... you'll be just fine! I promise. *wink/nods/grins*"

And ... was he right? Yup! I was totally fine.. but only after I got back onto dry road!.

anyway..time to go home!

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Say Ahhh...


So, Friday (April 4th)... I had an interview at 11am for a Computer Operator position at the El Dorado hotel & Casino. At 1:30pm.. the manager called me back to tell me I got the job & could I come back to fill out my paperwork & go get drug tested. So, of course, I said "ABSOLUTELY!" Then, tells me that I start  at 9am on Monday (yesterday).

so, I say again....YAY ME!
And currently, am about 1/2 an hour away from ending my second day here at work.  Ya know what..... so far.... I kinda LOVE IT! They don't have a separate Help desk... so really not only do we do computer operator stuff (which, I've never actually ever have done) ... we're also help desk (the easiest part of it, for me). Anyway... everyone, so far, has been VERY welcoming here. I work 8 hours (though, really actually work only 7)... get a paid hour lunch... if I go to the employee cafeteria (which doubles as the room service kitchen)..lunch is free... & they have all kinds of stuff made to order, or they have a line set up with a few different choices). All kinds of perks & benefits to working here.  OH!!! ANNNNnnnDDDdd.... paid weekly! LOVE THAT! 

I'm definitely more content since they called me back on Friday.

Since starting yesterday, I have been on about 5 tours of the place... have gotten lost about 10 times... and have walked approx. 500 miles.... and will walk about a bazillion gajillion more :D  (and don't really mind at all)

WEWT! 6 more minutes till I go home. So.... Ciao! *sm000ches*

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Say Ahhh...

Yesterday. . . .

I saw JOE PESCI!!!! They're filming a movie about the Mustang Ranch.... starring Helen Mirren & Joe Pesci... When I went down to the El Dorado to check on my application/resume status..... I walked right by Joe Pesci.... like... I could have reached out & touched him. He was just sitting at a slot machine (not playing, but facing away from it) & he was talking to 3 guys wearing "TEAM PESCI" jackets. (I totally wanted one :D)
I think that's the first time... EVER.... that I've been a bit star-struck...... like... it made me stop a moment  & realize.. "OMG.. That's Joe Pesci!" I looked back just to make sure... & it was.... & I smiled & kept walking..

Le sigh...... I <3 him! LOL :D

I also did see Helen Mirren. Well...... The back of her, mostly :D  She was actually filming... but she is a striking lady! (from across the street, where I was standing :D)

They're filimg again today....& I think that's it... just the 2 days...
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