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All I have to say is. . . .

Donner blows

Driving home was fine...fine...fine... then... as I get to Donner... all of a sudden...  the damned road is frozen... as a result of some unforeseen snow that decided to wreak a bit of havoc. According to one of the girls at work, they closed Donner Pass because of the icy road at around 1:40 this morning. I got to Donner at ~12:15 - 12:30-ish... just about an hour before they closed it. NICE.

*Did I freak out because I drifted a bit? YOU BETCHA
*Did I manuveur my way over to the shoulder where I stopped to plan my next move? ABSOLUTELY
*Did my next move include moving from my stopped spot on the shoulder? FUCK NO (I was fully prepared      wait right there as long as it took.. but my ass was NOT going to attempt to work the ice.)
*Was I aware of how absurd that thought was? YOU BETCHA... and did I care? NOT A DAMNED BIT
*Was I saved by a tiny little tip given to me by a hottie Highway Patrol Man? YES! SCORE! (didn't get his # though.. :( )

He told me to drop down to 1st gear... accel just enough to get off the shoulder.. don't brake, don't gas too much (avoiding tire spins)... and as he said "let the ice take you through it... you'll be just fine! I promise. *wink/nods/grins*"

And ... was he right? Yup! I was totally fine.. but only after I got back onto dry road!.

anyway..time to go home!


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Apr. 17th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
I am glad your ok. I had driven on a lot of ice and it can be very tricky
Apr. 24th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
*nods* it is very tricky.....

I was all shaky & stuff by the time I was onto dry pavement.
But, I survived, nonetheless :D

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