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Work, work, work

I tend to forget how much I really enjoy working with computers. I'm mostly a helpdesk-y type... with some operations thrown in.

Today & tomorrow I work swing shift. Yesterday & Monday, I worked 7am-3pm....... Friday.... probably going to be swing shift.
Though the most tiring thing about this is not being able to set a regular schedule.

I still miss San Jose..... but at least the people I work with are super-fab. I do get a room discount... though, still not sure how much % off we get. Just for working here, I get 20$ a month on my comp card that rolls over month-to-month.... so in  6 months, I could potentially have $120 free money... just for working here.

I do need new shoes, though. ... which is good... and bad. Bad because I need a new pair of Docs... and I super duper don't wanna break in new ones.  Good, though, cuz that means i get to go shoe shopping!!! I'm thinkin a new pair of Sketchers. Not sure what style yet, though.

And.... in about 2 weeks.... a cell phone!! w00t!!!!!

That's it for now.... an hour left here @ work.... & I now have back ups to run & a couple card printers to work on.  *contented sigh* I love being busy. time goes by much faster.


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